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Looking for contractors for Re-Roofing your house with COLORBOND Metal Fascia? Look no further- All Covers brings you re-roofing with COLORBOND® Metal Fascia- an option that adds durability and value to your roof and house. A friendly inspection and a comprehensive evaluation by Roofing Contractors from All Covers Roofing Solutions can get you a quote for either putting a new roof on top of old roof, or, removing the old roof completely and then replacing it with a new one.


Damage to old roofs may occur due to a variety of reasons and once you decide to go in for re-roofing with All Covers, our Colorbond Guttering and Roofing experts make sure the new roof is able to face future weather extremes. With an extensive experience of re-roofing with COLORBOND® metal across South Australia, our experts will provide you with a detailed project estimate before beginning with the preparation for the roof installation. COLORBOND® metal fascia has the advantage of special coatings which prevent rust, and reflect heat. This makes your roof long lasting and weather-proof.


All Covers Roofing Service are your trusted re-roofing experts since 2000 and can help you regarding re-roofing with COLORBOND® Metal requirements with a complete peace of mind. All Covers Roofing Services have the technical expertise and the experience to beautify your houses with COLORBOND® Metal Roofing which is a safe and long lasting roofing material, highly recommended for extreme weather conditions.


All Covers boast of a happy clientele across South Australia and our re-roofing services can potentially improve the durability and safety of your house when you consider re-roofing with COLORBOND® metal and Colorbond Roofing. To request for your free roofing quote, contact our friendly advisors today and see your house come to life with the roof you always wanted.

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