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With a professional approach from start to finish, All Covers Colorbond Roofing Services are your reliable Roofing Contractors. Covering all areas in South Australia, we have qualified experts to take up your roofing projects. We cover all aspects of roofing with a complete professional approach of doing the job right the first time. Emphasis is also given on safety and usage of the right equipment.


While installing your residential COLORBOND® metal roofing, we emphasise on quality and details, like, using standard materials, using the right class of fasteners, using best quality Roofing grade silicone, well sealed flushes, and, most important, cleaning up after roofing to remove any swarf. All these details and our expert craftsmanship since 2000 make your roof cheaper in long run. All Covers are the members of Housing Industry Association Limited since 2000 and use the most reliable brands in roofing industry like COLORBOND®, LYSAGHT®, ZINCALUME®, Fielders Roofing etc.

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All Covers Roofing Services operate across South Australia with an expertise in residential COLORBOND® Metal Roofing since 2000. We ensure that your Re-Roofing projects are undertaken with a strong commitment to highest quality standards and professional conduct. You can refer to our gallery of existing residential roofing contracts we have undertaken and feel the difference made by COLORBOND® metal roofing.


To request for your free roofing quote regarding your Residential COLORBOND Roofing, phone our experts today, or drop in to our Salisbury office.

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